What articles are available for purchase online?

Longchamp offers almost the entire Men's and Women's collections on in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Canada, Spain and Austria. The Le Pliage Personalized, the iconic bag from Longchamp, is available for purchase online for a large number of markets around the world. These personalized items are created according to your choices based on the available options at the time of your order. These items are not on sale at LONGCHAMP retail stores, except for special events. The offer of items are made to the extent of the stock available. Upon placing an order, you are advised of the availability of items.

What options are available when personalizing the Le Pliage bag?

Several options are available depending on the product. For the Le Pliage Personalized Nylon, there are 2 options , embossing and embroidery. For the Le PLiage Personalized Cuir, there is the option of perforation of initals or embossing. The embossing is located on the leather flap of the bag and is limited to 3 characters. The leather is heated and embossed which makes the initials darker. 2 calligraphies are available: HELVETICA (basic style) or COMMERCIAL (English handwriting style) The embroidery is located on the front of the bag, on the middle stripe. 3 calligraphies are available: HELVETICA, (basic style), COMMERCIAL (English handwriting style) and CAMPUS (College style). If the embroidery contains an accent or a point, then it is connected to the rest of the text by a thread. The number of characters depends on the handbag's model and the calligraphy. The perforation is located on the front of the bag, centered within the central band of leather. The leather is perforated creating capital letters, and the lining is visible through the holes. Whether choosing embossing, perforation or embroidery, an effect of optical illusion is possible due to the slope of letters

What are the colors available for the Le Pliage Personalized bag?

For the Nylon: There is a range of 15 colors available. For the Leather: There are 8 colors of leather offered that are the same as the Le Pliage Cuir collection. The choice of colors is updated twice per year - spring and fall. Please note that the choice of colors is not necessarily the same as the current collection available in our retail stores.