How do I place an order on the website?

All orders are limited per person and per 30 calendar days:

- 5 personalized items,

- 5 collection items,

for a maximum total amount of 2.000 pounds VAT included (shipping costs excluded).

The processing of an order is subject to compliance with the following phases:

STEP 1: Choice of item(s):

For collection items: selection of the colours For personalized items: selection of the model, then personalisation of the article in several steps in the order of your choice: Personalized canvas Le Pliage items: selection of the length of the handles, choice of colours and selection of possible options. Personalized leather Le Pliage items: choice of colours and selection of possible options. Access to Step 2 takes place by clicking on the button ‘ADD’.

STEP 2: Access to ‘BASKET’:

Choice of the gift option and addition of a personal message. Indication of the carrier and mention of the indicative date(s) of delivery. Access to Step 3 takes places by clicking on the button “ORDER”

STEP 3: Validation of the order in 3 stages:

Identification : creation of your customer account or authentication through an existing customer account Summary of the order: o Banking and postal information:

§ filling in of delivery and billing addresses;

§ filling in of banking data or indication of payment by means of a Paypal account.

o Viewing the record of your order:

§ articles ordered and total amount of the order;

§ indication of the carrier and of the delivery date(s).

At that stage, you can verify your data entered when you process your order and, if necessary, correct them.

o Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale.

o Definitive validation of the order by clicking on the button “CONFIRM PAYMENT”

Order Confirmation: o Receipt of an electronic printable mail of confirmation deemed to be the purchase order confirmation also containing this General Conditions of Sale, the E-Shopping Customer Service contact, information on the right of withdrawal, and the cancellation form.

o Receipt of an electronic mail confirming the shipment of the order upon the occurrence thereof.

The invoice shall be attached to your order dispatch confirmation email.


For personalized items, you have 24 hours since you place your order to make any changes relating to the features of the items (colours, choice of metal buckles, etc.), as long as these changes do not lead to any change in the price. To do this, please contact the E-shopping Customer Service at: info@eshopping.longchamp.com.

We reserve the right not to honor an order abnormal or carried out insincerely, as well as for any other legitimate reasons.